The mission you’re about to embark on requires a fully armored vehicle. From fingers to offwidth, every part of your body will be utilized to get you out alive. Lesser men wouldn’t last thirty seconds in the grueling conditions you’re about to endure, but you take it all with a smile on your face. Some call you a masochist and insist you have a problem. They don’t understand that you feel right at home wedged between two rocks. Freud would have a field day with you.

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Full laces to the toes and a high rubber rand make the Web unique. Retro high top stylings make it timeless. This shoe is built like a tank with plenty of protection from toe to heel and up the ankle. A stiff full midsole and outsole give it the support needed for a long day, or week, on the wall. These shoes are built to make it to the top of the longest, toughest cracks in the world… with or without you.

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