kN shoes are completely customized for you, the customer. From the colors to the actual shape and fit of the shoe, everything is tailored to your needs. For this level of customization we used to cast every customer’s feet individually. That process became exhaustive and financially inefficient. We are currently developing a process that involves scanning our customer’s feet and creating the perfect shaped shoes from that scan.

After scanning your feet you’ll be able to pick out the style and colors of your shoes, and we’ll put them together. Each set of shoes is made to order by hand in the USA. We’ll be able to accommodate any size, shape, and abnormality that your feet come with, because nobody’s perfect and we like it that way.

During this time of development we are putting our custom shoe service on hold. Once the whole process is up and running we will relaunch kN and offer our top notch custom climbing shoes once again.

Bare with us in during this time and follow us on Instagram, FaceBook, or Twitter to see photo updates. Feel free to contact us via email to hear exactly when we will be relaunching.

Thank you for your patience.


kN climbing team