Technical Challenge


The concept of tailor fit is nothing new.  With the advent of polymers and then devices for additive manufacturing, this has become even more prevalent. Major brands are using these technologies to develop fully custom shoes.

For good reasons, this same process was modified and reinvented for high-end loafers as well.  If you’re spending all day negotiating painful decisions in business, shouldn’t at least your feet be happy?

So, the idea is good.  The technology is there.  Why do climbers, in the world of Oculus, Prusa I3, and Snapdragon processors, do not have a custom made shoe?  Well, besides quite a bit of other reasons, it is flipping hard and expensive.  Customers are finicky, the technology is in its infancy, and we live in a world of instant gratification.  Again, why?

Well, we like to think times are a’changing.  Millenials are a much different breed than the Baby  Boomers and Generation X.  It seems that the idea of less is more has created a lust for quality.  Living in a van, or in general hiking in to your favorite crag, means you don’t want to be carrying 3 different pairs to make sure all your projects can be tackled with the right gear.  With this, climbing shoe companies are always developing better fitting and more effective climbing shoes to create “just the right fit” for anyone.  But, this is an open ended problem.  You can’t control the foot variations, and there are no parameters for the climber to really know if this shoe is designed to their style of foot without climbing in it.  So, why not take these foot variations and design to complement them?  Creating a shoe that is made to fit specifically for your feet means that won’t need tape up your heel or walk around with numb toes.  

Therefore, for those who want quality over quantity and those who want to focus wholeheartedly on the climb rather than the get distracted by pins and needles in your toes, we decided to take on the challenge of creating the shoe for every climber.

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